Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, 2022

Hey Puss! Still playing hard to get? Let me be your Pussycat.

ROLE Director, Producer, Design, Animation, Compositing

LENGTH 04:16

TECHNOLOGY 2,5D Animation

SOFTWARE Blender, Premiere

LINK https://vimeo.com/718704681

CREDITS  WRITTEN, DIRECTED, ANIMATED & PRODUCED BY Linda Krauss / VOICE Lisanne-Marie Hadi / MUSIC Philipp Lust / SOUND DESIGN & RE-RECORDING MIXER Stefan Erschig / FOLEY ARTIST Henrike Sommer / PIPELINE Enzio Probst / COLOR GRADING Jakob Sinsel / CASTING CONSULTANT Jessica Layher / DISTRIBUTION Fabian Driehorst


Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, 2019
The wild west! Cowboys galloping through vast landscapes, yearning looks into the distance, huge egos duelling to the blood - of course it needs the wide screen! But what if the Western moves with the times and expects the same performance of our cowboys in vertical format?

ROLE Producer

LENGTH 02:39


SOFTWARE Houdini, Maya, Blender, Nuke, Substance Painter, Speedtree, Marvelous Designer, Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere

CREDITS   PRODUCED BY Linda Krauss / DIRECTED BY Christian Kaufmann / TECHNICAL DIRECTOR Janik Otterbach / STORYBOARD Oscar Bittner / CONCEPT ART Sarah Schulz, Laura Staab / ANIMATION  Oscar Bittner, Sarah Schulz, Laura Staab,  Damaris Zielke / GRAPHIC DESIGN Damaris Zielke / MODELING & TEXTURING Wunna Winter / EFECTS Niklas Wolff / MUSIC Tim Hennig, Hannes Bieber / SOUND DESIGN Johanna Roth / VOICE ACTING Ed Cantu / GUITAR Julian Staudenmaier / HARMONICA Christoph Weiss / PLAY DIRECTION Müssig, Sara Kindschus 


Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, 2018
What was supposed to be a relaxed night in front of the TV turns out to be a night of horror for Bo the rabbit. 

ROLE Director, Producer, Design, Animation

LENGTH 04:04


SOFTWARE Photoshop, After Effects, Premiere

CREDITS  WRITTEN, DIRECTED, ANIMATED & PRODUCED BY Linda Krauss / ANIMATION Laura Staab, Christopher Schmier / SOUND DESIGN Paul Powaljaew / COMPOSITING Christian Kaufmann / MUSIC Tom Brüssel,  Merlin Deppeler


Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg, 2017
In a vast landscape there is a lonely train station. For a while no trains have stopped there. And if a train arrives it is passing the little station. 

ROLE Director, Design, Modeling, Texturing

LENGTH 03:45


SOFTWARE Maya, Substance Painter, After Effects, Premiere 

CREDITS  WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY Christian Kaufmann, Linda Krauss, Verena Nomura / PRODUCER Jonas Sticherling / MATTE PAINTING  Sarah Schulz / EDITING  Quirin Grimm / TITLE DESIGN & TEXTURING  Laura Staab / COMPOSER Christopher Schmier / SOUND DESIGN Michael Riegert / MODELING & TEXTURING Tristan Jaegly / RENDERING Tilman A. Commes 


Vancouver Film School, 2016
Ever wondered why the werewolf howls at the moon? Walter will show you. 

ROLE Director, Producer, Design, Puppet Build, Animation

LENGTH 02:40

TECHNOLOGY Stop Motion Animation

SOFTWARE Dragonframe, After Effects, Premiere 

CREDITS WRITTEN, DIRECTED, ANIMATED & PRODUCED BY Linda Krauss / MUSIC Jesse Barden / SOUND DESIGN Ramiro Rodriguez, Jesse Barden, Jiyoon Song / COLOR GRADING Duy N. Bui / LIGTING ASSISTANCE Chad Costen / SET BUILDING ASSISTANCE Elizabeth Metzker, Prateek Rangenini, Chad Costen